Corporation role in the Well being of society

The research is conducted by all the team members mentioned below: 

Navdeep Kaur (H10003823),  Anupreet Kaur (H10003821), Ishwar Kaur (H10003886), Amarbir Singh (H10004649)

As all the companies do the CSR activities and try to build the good image in the society these activities include giving foods to the poor, providing the shelter, taking part in the green environment campaigns. A large number of organizations have adopted the social and environment policies in their agendas and business models. Some of the companies include the social responsibilities as one their performance indicators. So that shows in today world of industrialization the corporations can play big role in making the society better.

Following are some of the objectives of the project:

  • Research based on literature review the role of corporations in making the Society better

  • Finding problems and issues faced by the corporations through their stakeholders in performing the CSR activities

  • Using the questionaries to get the data from different employees of the organization

  • Recommending other ways for organizations to adopt and help in the wellbeing of society
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