2020 CEPI BOD Nomination

Good day CEPI Member. You are about to nominate 1 to a maximum of 10 CEPI Board of Directors/Trustees. Below are the qualification you must consider for choosing the new set of BOD to avoid disqualification.

- must be an OM in good standing
- must be of legal age
- must currently have Suzuki Ertiga Unit under his/her control or possession
- must be at least 3 years active  member
-must have functioned for at least 1yr as Admin or higher positions
- must be an active member and known to the majority of the members
-can be nominated by the General Membership BUT must be nominated by at least one of the current and active Admins to qualify
- must not be part or member of any other Ertiga Car Club

The nomination perod is from December 29- January 6,2020 6pm. Once you save the list of your nominees you cant change it anymore so please review the list before you save it.

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