Role of social media during COVID-19, on consumer buying behaviour in the UK fashion market

Cover Letter for Participants  

Date: July 09, 2021

Dear Participant, 

My name is Ravinder Kaur as a student of MSc International Business,  I am conducting an individual research project named as ‘the role of social media during COVID-19 on consumer buying behaviour in UK fashion market ’

For this research I have designed a questionnaire equipped with questions related to my research objectives. The solely purpose of this research is for educational research and study, it will be highly appreciative if you will participate in this research.  

It will take around maximum 10-15 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. Your data will be dealt with high confidentiality as per the Data Protection Law. You have right to withdraw the research at any time. In case of any further assistance and information required related to this research project, feel free to contact on the provided information. 

Best regards,  

Ravinder Kaur 


Contact Number: 07587-335-344

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