The Influence of Surrealism in Fashion. 研究: 超現實主義對時裝界的影響


I am Anna Ng, an undergraduate studying Fashion & Textiles Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Now I am conducting a research on “The Influence of Surrealism on Fashion” for my Final Year Project studying. This is to invite you to participate in this research study by completing the following survey.

It is appreciated if you would spare a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. There is no compensation for responding. All the information will remain confidential and used for research purpose only. The name of respondent is not required. Thank you for your kind participate and cooperation.

*Please put a tick “√” in the blank □.*

我是香港理工大學時裝及紡織設計專業的本科生 Anna Ng,現在我正在進行一項關於「超現實主義對時裝界的影響」的畢業論文研究。現正誠意邀請你參與這項研究並完成以下問卷內容,閣下只需花上幾分鐘時間便能完成。所有信息將保密並僅用於研究用途,十分感激閣下的參與及協助。


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