Effective School Survey: School Site Version

I am currently taking the course ELAD 6103 Ethical Leadership at Arkansas State University. One assignment in this class is to administer this “Effective School Survey” to willing faculty members at our school. I ask that you assist me in completing this assignment. Of course, your participation is totally voluntary. In addition, the paper where I report the results of this survey will not identify our school; every member of the class is using the name Gungho School in their papers. The only purpose of this assignment is to assist me in better understanding the characteristics of the effective school correlates and how they can be utilized to enhance the organizational health of a school and improve student achievement. Directions Using the following Likert scales, indicate the extent to which you value each practice indicated and the extent to which you believe that our school in general, not the school district, has put into practice each indicator. Value: ⓪=No Awareness Of; ①=Unimportant; ②=Somewhat Important; ③=Important; ④=Very Important Practice: ⓪=Don’t Know; ①= Not Practiced at All; ②= Practiced Only Slightly; ③= Generally Practiced; ④= Practiced to a
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