Teachers' Readiness Survey

Dear Participant,

You are invited to participate in the following activity that is being conducted at your school by Nisha Marqus as part of the coursework and assessment requirements for EDRS600/610 Capstone Research Project being undertaken at the Australian Catholic University (ACU). The purpose of this activity is primarily for the purposes of assessment in EDRS600/610. The activity aims to reflect the readiness of the preservice teachers to be able to start their teaching journey independently.

Should you agree to participate, you will be asked take part in a survey which consists of multiple choice questions. Your involvement should take no longer than ten minutes. You are under no obligation to participate in this activity, and may withdraw at any time. There is no obligation to provide a reason and no negative consequence will be incurred.

If you have any queries relating to your participation that cannot be answered by the ACU student, or if you would like any further information or have any concerns about your participation, please contact Brendan Barlett.

The information pertaining to your participation in the activity as described will form the basis of an assessment task for Nisha Marqus and the data collected will be destroyed at the conclusion of the semester. All information you provide will be de-identified prior to analysis. Only the ACU student and ACU staff members responsible for the assessment of student work will have access to the de-identified information provided.

The assessment activity has been designed to meet the Australian Catholic University ethical guidelines for taught units. The activity as described has been designed to minimise risks associated with participation. However, should any aspect of your participation prove upsetting please contact Brendan Bartlett for further advice or referral to an appropriate service.

Participation in this survey is regarded as a consent.

Thank you for your time,

Nisha Marqus

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