The propensity of the travelers regarding their age with various attributes to select Low Cost Carrier in Hong Kong 旅客的年齡及其他相關因素對選擇廉價航空公司的影響

We are undergraduates of BBA International Shipping and Transport Logistics in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In order to understand the consumers’ behavior towards the Low Cost Carrier (LCC / Budget Airlines) market in Hong Kong, we would like to collect relevant information for academic and research purposes. All the data collected will be kept confidential. Thank You. 您好,我們是香港理工大學國際航運及物流管理的學生。為了解現時顧客對香港廉價航空公司(廉航)的消費模式,我們希望能夠收集相關資料以作學術及研究用途。所有收集資料將保密處理。謝謝。
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