Opinion Poll - Best performing BECE deaf schools in Ghana

Academic competition interest among schools for the deaf in Ghana is very low due to lack of interest. Since the inception of Deaf Education in Ghana, Schools for the Deaf has been writing the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) without any statistical data on the best preforming schools being released by the West Africa Examination Council. Consequently, as to which Schools(s) for the Deaf are the best in Ghana still remains unknown. The purpose of this short survey is to find out deaf persons and the general public perception of the best schools for the deaf in Ghana. After this survey, permission will be sought from he West Africa Examination Council to provide statistical data or to create a special deaf schools league table for the 13 schools for the deaf in Ghana so that teachers , students and the general public can know which deaf schools are performing best in the BECE. This league table for deaf schools is necessary because placing them on the same league table with hearing schools does not provide a fair assessment of their performance reflected on the league table and doesn't create academic interest and enthusiasm among teachers and students in schools for the deaf. The survey takes 1-2 minutes to complete Please select the best school(s) or as many schools as you wish. Thank You!
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