The City of Russellville is sending you this survey as part of our research into how our residents use Internet services. The information gathered will not be used to sell you anything. We simply wish to gather data on what is important to our residents as we explore strategies on how we can improve Internet accessibility and affordability in our City.

Please complete as much of this survey as you can even if you don’t have home Internet service. Your opinions, experiences, and information are important to us. Your thoughts matter.

Your responses will be kept confidential and reported only as a part of sums and averages and frequencies.

How long will the survey take?

This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

What is the due date to complete the survey?

Please respond by June 30.

Before answering the survey, please read the following instructions to ensure that we receive your important responses: 

Maximize your computer screen for the best view of the survey.

Always click the NEXT or arrow button at the bottom of each page after answering the question(s) on that page.

Click the SUBMIT button after you finish the survey. Please DO NOT click the X to close your browser tab until after you have submitted the survey or we may not receive your responses.

What if I have questions about the survey?

If you have questions regarding this survey, please contact:

(responses may take up to 24 hours)

 Thank you in advance for completing this important survey!
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