Work-Life Balance and Employee Productivity: A Study of Married Women in Project-Based Organizations in Nigeria.


My name is Benita Egonmwan, a student of the University of Roehampton-London. For me to complete my Master’s Degree (MSc in Project Management), I need to research on Work-Life Balance (WLB) and Employee Productivity in Project-Based organizations in Nigeria, which focus on married women with child/children only.

Purpose: The aim and objective are to find out if there is a relationship between WLB and women employees productivity, how its affect employees productivity and performance. And the strategy initiatives such organizations can develop to create efficient and effective WLB policies for married women employees to have a better WLB balance that can increase their job productivity and better their job performance.

Contribution:  This survey is an entirely voluntary exercise, so be assured that all information that will be written down for this research study will be treated strictly as anonymous and confidential. 

To achieve this objective, please, I urge you to assist me in completing this survey, which will take no more than 10 minutes. Your sincere response to the questions below is imperative and anticipated.

Thank you.

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