National Traditional Craft Market Questionnaire

Dear Sir/Madam:

Hello! We are a senior in the Department of International Business Studies at National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan. To understand the consumption preferences of traditional crafts in various countries, we are conducting online surveys of consumers in various countries. Thank you very much for being able to participate in this survey as a representative of the country and to provide your valuable time and advice, hoping to get your support and assistance. We will draw 5 lucky winners after the survey to win the lucky draw. The winners will have the opportunity to get craftsman crafts and will notify you by email, remember to check your email ^^. Of course, we also promise not to disclose any information to third parties, please feel free to answer the questions. We are very honored to hear your opinion. Thank you!

National Dong Hwa University International Business Department

Instructor: Professor Yi-Ting Chen 

Students: Chia-Ci Huang, Jui-Yu Lin, Chih-Ting Hu, Hui-Ling Su, Ying-Han Yu, Huan-Zhi Shen, Guan-Lin You

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