Mobile app to share your childs day

I am pleased to introduce myself. I’m Roycy, Kia’s Mum. (Mt Roskill early childhood center)

As I was daydreaming one day a thought crossed my mind. Imagine you are at work, anxious about what you kids must be doing, and suddenly you receive a picture of then paying to glory and damn! That just made your day!

I understand how frustrating it is as a parent, to be leaving your children/child away from you while you have to go make a living, A day of anxiety and half-hearted soul while you wait to meet them back, not that we don’t trust the ECE :P

So my team decided to make an attempt to bridge the gap to a more transparent approach to ECE’s (early childhood center). Creating a mobile app is exciting, and our expert team is fully capable of giving you something unique that will help you be a part of your child’s growth without missing much.

I would require your help in putting this Mobile together providing your valuable feedback as to what you want to see in the app while you are away at work. I’m sending across a quick 5min survey to fill in, just a brief as to what can ECE provide in an app that will make your day stress-free and easier.

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