Understanding Littering Behaviour

Department of Geography


University of London

Malet Street,

London WC1E 7HX

020 7631 6000

Title of Study: What cultural changes are required to help us live in a litter-free environment in the UK? 

Name of the researcher: Aniko Szocs

The study is being done as part of my MSc Geography degree in the Department of Geography, Birkbeck, University of London. The study has received ethical approval.

This study wants to explore littering behaviour and potential cultural changes in littering behaviour.  

Your data will be kept anonymous and will be stored on a password-protected hard drive.

The analysis of your participation in this study will be written up in a report of the study for my degree. You will not be identifiable in the write-up or any publication which might ensue. Hard copies of the information sheet is available on request. 

The questionnaire will take approximately ten minutes. 

The study is supervised by Stefan Engels who may be contacted at the above address and telephone number.

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