Lean Six Sigma Questionnaire

Complete the Lean Six Sigma Questionnaire and win Free Lean Six Sigma Prizes, including Free Training, Free Tools, Free Templates, Free Coaching, Free Resources, Free Books, or Free Articles.

  • Approximately 2 Minutes to complete the Survey
  • Prizes are awarded upon completion
  • Only 1 Prize per Applicant
  • Prizes are awarded as part of our Sponsored Events, Webinars, Training, Podcasts, and Promotions
This survey is collected by the International Standard Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS), so as to provide an unbiasand safe collection of data 

While data is shared only with our sponsors or partners for the benefit of research, providing Lean Six Sigma training, products or services. We will never sell your data, nor share any of the demographic data that would publicly expose your individual responses.

Thank you for your time in participating in our survey.

Feel free to reach out to sbonacorsi@islss.com should you have any questions if you run into technical difficulties. 

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