Snakes in the U.K. What are your thoughts?

This is a questionnaire to discover how you feel about the U.K’s three native snakes: the grass snake (Natrix helvetica), the smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) and the adder (Vipera berus). Do not worry if you don’t know anything about them - this study just interested in your thoughts and feelings surrounding them. There will be pictures of snakes in this questionnaire. Should you not wish to view them, avoid page 5. It will also look at how connected to nature you are, so some questions are related to this.

By taking part in this questionnaire you will be contributing to both important research into the conservation of these snakes and a student’s BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare dissertation, so please answer honestly. This questionnaire is anonymous and no personal data will be taken.

Should you have any questions regarding the questionnaire or how the information you give will be used, please contact Laura Daykin:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this important study. Your input is greatly appreciated!

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