Digital vs Physical

Hello.  I am conducting a survey on Digital versus Physical Relationships and would appreciate your assistance by completing the following 16 questions.  This survey is open to ALL AGES.

Before we beign, here are some basic definitions to remember.  They will also be in each question page should you need clarification during the survey.

Physical - non-sexual, in-person interaction between people

Digital - non-sexual, remote interaction between people using internet connectivity

Work - a job of at least 8 hours, for pay, in a standard work environment. Gig workers are also included even if their work does not equate to 8 continuous hours (NOTE - This also includes school for those not in the workforce)

Introvert - someone who gets drained by socializing and recharges by being alone

Extrovert - an outgoing, overtly expressive person

Social Interaction - physical or digital associations between people that is not work interactions or required attendance events


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