Cognition and Practice of Young Children's Self-protection in Preschool Educators -Taiwan and Malaysia Cross-Country Comparison

Hello dear teachers,

    This research is the 108th "Special Research Project for College Students Subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology", No. 108-2813-C-259-034-H.

    The main purpose of this research is to learn more about the cognition and practice of young children's self-protection in preschool educators. The research results are only used for academic purposes. Therefore, you do not have to leave your name when filling out this questionnaire, and the information will never be leaked out, please feel free to fill this questionnaire up and your help will certainly contribute to our studies. Thank you for your help!

Department of Early Childhood Education, National Dong Hwa University      

Advisor: Associate Professor Ming-Li Chang                                                    

Student: Year 3 Tay-Yi Qian                                                                              

March 21, 2020                                                                                                 

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