Investigation of factors Causing Anorexia Nervosa among UEAB Students

Dear Respondent,

I am a senior student from the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton carrying out a study on Investigation of factors Causing Anorexia Nervosa among UEAB Students.” I am requesting you to be a participant in this study by filling out this questionnaire as honestly as possible. It will take approximately 15 minutes. There will be no harm involved in being a participant of this study and also no compensation will be given.

Participation is optional and you have a right to withdraw from the study at any point without penalty. Confidentiality of the information provided is assured, and it shall be used for academic purposes only. In case you have any question or need clarification, feel free to ask me.


  1. Please select appropriate answer in the space provided.
  2. Kindly answer all questions  
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