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As more and more college students have a part-time job, we want to know about people's will about having a part-time job. And we will keep your information secret!
Part-time Job Will of College Student
Feedback Survey (
  • 2019, 
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Hey Guys, Please take the time to fill out this quick survey. We want to know how you've felt at oikos suzhou so far and what we must do, to strive to make it better for all of us. We at the oikos board want just 5 minutes of your time to answer these questions so we can accelertate more meaningful changes for the next semester.
Feedback Survey
PawHub Survey (
  • 2019, 
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A one minute survey to make PawHub better
PawHub Survey
您好,我們是中興大學行銷所碩士班的學生,目前正在進行"博物館展覽之態度調查"。感謝您撥空協助我們填寫此份問卷!本資料僅學術使用,不涉及其他行為。本問卷已設定不可往回翻閱,請認真閱讀後填答。國立中興大學 107級行銷碩士生 敬上
Dear users:Hello! Thank you very much for choosing our products. Now we sincerely invite you to take time out of your busy schedule to fill in this questionnaire. The purpose of this survey is to find out the problems you have encountered in the process of using our products and give suggestions, so that we can better optimize the products to meet your needs. This questionnaire is strictly confidential, so please feel free to fill it out according to your actual situation. Thank you for your fee...
TomVPN product usage questionnaire
Heater Questionnaire (
  • 2022, 
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Thank you very much for helping us complete this questionnaire.
Heater Questionnaire
Dear Backers,We could not achieve such a huge achievement without your love and support. So we chose a finger spinner as the prize. But maybe you have better advice. We will consider your suggestions seriously. Thanks so much!
What kind of gift would you love to get?
Study smart (
  • 2018, 
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This test can show your study habits and hope you can enjoy the test
Study smart
Welcome to the world's first social media dedicated to pets. We appreciate if you could take a few minutes to share your thoughts about everything of pets as well as the thoughts about online pet community. We value all input from each of you and look forward to your participation. Get started now!
Online Pet Community App Survey
Below you will find a number of questions on which I want you to rate me in my role as Project Manager.This will help me in my professional development.The scale is from 1 to 10 where “1” is the worst rating and “10” is the best.Note that the scale is based on the NPS scale where 1-6 means there are things that you think should be improved. While as far as possible, I would appreciate your comments in relation to respective question.
Feedback on me as a project manager
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