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Dear Sirs or Madams,You are cordially invited to participate in a research to study "What leadership style has more motivating power toward employees who are coming from different Cultural Generation nowadays?The purpose of this questionnaire is to study What Leadership Style can have more Motivating power to Employees nowadays? given the intersection of diverse cultural generations in a workplace is so common. So knowing what sort of Leadership Style, namely Transactional or Transformation...
What leadership style has more motivating power toward employees who are coming from different Cultural Generation nowadays?
This survey aims to investigate the customer preference and purchase intention of respondents regarding the food delivery apps in Hong Kong (e.g. Deliveroo, FoodPanda, UberEATS, etc.). It will spend 5-10 minutes to complete the survey. All collected information will be used for academic studies only and keep confidential. Thank you for your time and assistance. (此問卷旨在調查受訪者的有關使用手機外送應用程式之喜好及意欲,完成問卷調查需時五至十分鐘。所有收集的資料只供學術研究之用並會保密,感謝您寶貴的時間和協助。)
Survey on Customer Preference and Purchase Intention on Food Delivery Apps in Hong Kong (有關手機外送應用程式之意見調查)
Collect user's voice, make our product more progress
What's wrong with the one plus 8T camera?
Shopbop市場調查問卷 (
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Here are the questions for the survey below. Please know, your responses will be kept strictly confidential and no sales attempts will be made. We greatly value our relationship and hope for the opportunity to hear your feedback!
Housing Problem of Hong Kong Young People
Urban Camping in Hong Kong 城市露營
This survey is to find out how people feel about being or having been a patient with a stoma and pouch, whether permanent or temporary. I would like to raise the awareness of what it is like on a daily basis of having to live with a stoma and pouch. I also want to raise awareness about how patients are treated in hospital before and after the surgery.
The secret curse or blessing of being an ostomate
We are undergraduates of BBA International Shipping and Transport Logistics in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In order to understand the consumers’ behavior towards the Low Cost Carrier (LCC / Budget Airlines) market in Hong Kong, we would like to collect relevant information for academic and research purposes. All the data collected will be kept confidential. Thank You. 您好,我們是香港理工大學國際航運及物流管理的學生。為了解現時顧客對香港廉價航空公司(廉航)的消費模式,我們希望能夠收集相關資料以作學術及研究用途。所有收集資料將保密處理。謝謝。
The propensity of the travelers regarding their age with various attributes to select Low Cost Carrier in Hong Kong 旅客的年齡及其他相關因素對選擇廉價航空公司的影響
Public attitude towards the existing urban forest in Hong Kong
QUESTIONNAIREI am Anna Ng, an undergraduate studying Fashion & Textiles Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Now I am conducting a research on “The Influence of Surrealism on Fashion” for my Final Year Project studying. This is to invite you to participate in this research study by completing the following survey.It is appreciated if you would spare a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. There is no compensation for responding. All the information will remain co...
The Influence of Surrealism in Fashion. 研究: 超現實主義對時裝界的影響
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