29 results
Decision Making (23 responses)
(Its about your choices in life)
Decision Making
evaluation of dietary habits in type 2 diabetes
For research purpose
evaluation of dietary habits in type 2 diabetes
harassment views (89 responses) harassment views
Chaii Wala (Arshad Khan) (42 responses) Chaii Wala (Arshad Khan)
water conservation (1 responses)
The importance of water as a natural resource and what measures can be taken to conserve it.
water conservation
Youth The Driving Force of Pakistan - A health care Survey (8 responses)
This survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete and aims to highlight basic health care issues of youth and how do they meet the challenges linked to healthcare. It will collect basic information and will study a few patterns on which a healthy youngster parameter and healthcare spending will be drawn. These findings will be exceptionally helpful to transform the healthcare sector of Pakistan. The respondents will be given full access to the result of this research which will enable t...
Youth The Driving Force of Pakistan - A health care Survey
Online Cycle Meetings Feedback (101 responses) Online Cycle Meetings Feedback
Carrier Counseling (8 responses)
Briefly write about your plans after O-Level and submit.
Carrier Counseling
Key Performance Indicators for the Effectiveness of Maintenance Management (39 responses)
Dear Respondent, I am MS Scholar at Riphah International University. To expand my knowledge and to contribute towards the body of knowledge, I am conducting the survey for my thesis on “AN ANALYSIS OF PLANNING AND SCHEDULING, PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE & INVENTORY MANAGEMENT AS A KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR FOR THE EFFECTIVENESS OF MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT: MODERATING ROLE OF QUALITY FUNCTION DEPLOYMENT” . I have prepared the following survey and submitted to you with a request to sp...
Key Performance Indicators for the Effectiveness of Maintenance Management
What do you like in your workplace? (18 responses)
We all have an ideal workplace, dont we? A place which drives our motivation into making us work at our best. It may drive you because of an awesome refreshing look, or because it has people that compiment your talent and help harvest the best out of you. It could be because of the type of job that you do. This small survey is to help make us understand what is your favourite mix; whether it's a pay packet, the brand, the people or the work. There are only 11 questions. Your participation ...
What do you like in your workplace?
Survey on “Abusive Supervision and its Outcomes” (7 responses)
Dear Respondent, This is a survey for conducting a study on “Abusive Supervision and its Outcomes” in Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) of Peshawar, Pakistan. You are requested to assist in the study by giving few minutes out of your busy schedule to fill out this questionnaire. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone and will be used only for research purpose. If you are interested in the findings of this study, send an email to ‘...
Survey on “Abusive Supervision and its Outcomes”
This is AIPS workshop survey form, which calculates the results.
who is hussain (2 responses)
who is hussain
AIPS PROGRAM SURVEY 2018-2019 (9 responses)
This survey is used to workshop participants survey from now on for Air Polution and Journalism and other workshop for fiscal year October 1, 2018-September 30, 2019
Opinions regarding harassment (89 responses) Opinions regarding harassment
Poor Communication among spouses (3 responses)
Factors causing poor communication among spouses, their effects and how to prevent them.
Poor Communication among spouses
Club List (1 responses)
Dear Parents, We would like you to share your child's interest by selecting the club that might interest him/her.
Club List
how the department is going
how the department is going
Dell Quiz. (1 responses)
Test your knowledge on this Technical and Service quaility quick quiz select one answer :
Dell Quiz.
Online Education Feedback Survey (1 responses)
Online Education Feedback Survey
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