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Dear Sir / Madam, I am Nay Lynn Hlaing studying my Master of Business Administration from University of Northampton, UK at Business School, Singapore. Kindly allocate a little of your valuable time for my study by filling the following questionnaires. I convince you that the information you provide shall be used for my academic purpose only. Really appreciate your kind sympathy, patience and thank much in advance for your information and time consumed on this.
“A study on how the port technology innovation impacts to port engineering business sector”
This survey is to gather market research of Generation X which will be used in an academic marketing project.
Travel & Vacation Your Way
Everyone's website can benefit from a little constructive criticism. Please review the websites and answer the survey for each website.
Peer Website Review - Castogram
Dear Sir/Madam, This survey is carried out as part of the fulfillment of researcher's Master Degree in Business Administration at Wawasan Open University. The survey attempts to obtain the response on the communication effectiveness between supply chain partner and internal stakeholders in new product development process. There are no absolute answers for this survey, somehow a frank personal opinion is very much welcome. Kindly inform that all those participants’ responses are highly con...
We are the students in the University of Manchester. This is a short survey only used for our gourp project study, thank you!Please give a grade for each of these options from 1 to 10 (1 is the least important and 10 is the most important).
What are the most important factors for you to choose a university?
Hi! Thank you for taking the cutomer satisfaction survey. The survey should take less thank five minutes of your time to complete. We appreciate your feedback and will work on improving our processes.
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Life insurance (
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Life insurance
Hi all. Thank you for attending our Digital Marketing workshop! We would very much appreciate if you could provide feedback regarding the worskhop.
Softinn LetsGoHoliday Workshop Survey Cameron Highlands
Good day, Please complete this quick survey regarding vehicle insurance. It will take you no more than 10 minutes. Please answer the below questions honestly and to the best of your ability and knowledge. The more information you can provide the better.Thank you for your time!Regards,Paula GreenMobile : 079 506 6776
Additional cover offering
Thank you very much for taking part in the survey. The intention is to establish how you feel about a Dashboard within the department, and what information you would like to see reflected on the dashboard.
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