Queens University of Charlotte - Cato School of Education - Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Program Survey

As a student in the Queens University of Charlotte MEL program, you will be asked to complete this survey three times during the course of your time with us (beginning of program, beginning of internship, conclusion of program) and again approximately one year after your graduation from the program. This survey is administered solely as a means for our Wayland Cato School of Education to collect formative data upon which we may strengthen our program. All surveys are anonymous and confidential. Data will be analyzed and shared in aggregate form only. You will note, in taking the survey, that we are interested in your self-assessment in three specific areas associated with your growth as an MEL student and your preparation as an aspiring school administrator: These three areas are: 1) knowledge (can be factual or experiential, this acts as a part of your competency as a leader); 2) skills (the ability to put your knowledge into a series of steps to accomplish a task - another part of your competency as a leader); and 3) self-efficacy (your belief and confidence in your own ability to get the job done). It is imperative, as you complete the survey, that you reflect in terms of your current levels of mastery and not your perceived levels for the future.
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