Learning about the People who Identify as Trans, Intersex or Gender Diverse

We are interested in improving the supports and resources trans people either need or are seeking and cant find, in the Shuswap Region. The research is clear as are the stories of people who are openly Trans. Trans people , people who are Two Spirited, People who have intersex conditions / DIsorders of Sex Development or people who identify differently in their gender, are discriminated against at a higher rate, experience more intense acts of viollence toward them, have higher unemployment rates, higher sucide rates, and often receive less postive support than other members of the LGBTIQ2 community. We know that no one has ever asked people who idenfity differently in their gender in the Shuswap, what their experiences have been like, or what they need to improve their Quality of Life. Please know that we are aware that some people from the trans or gender diverse communities community use different pronouns. By using they and their in this section, we do not mean to diminish that. We are just speaking collectively as we descriibe what this work is about. We respect you and we adore you. We simply want to reach you, learn more about your experiences and see how with your guidance, we can improve the services and resources you need to have the absolute best Quality of Life. We have added the questions coming up next,  to our Quality of Life Survey, so we can hear directly from you, and learn about what its like to be trans or gender diverse and live in the Shuswap. You will see a section at the end where, if you feel comfortable( but totally optional)you can provide contact information so that we can connect directly to you( within pandemic protocols of course).

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