Child Behaviour (11 responses)
Dear parents , friends, thank you for taking out time for taking this survey ...your input is duly appreciated So, I'm a textile design student who is devising a range of garments for kids aging between 2-5 years based on the concept of promoting healthy eating amongst kids . We all know that consumption of healthy food is very necessary for a human being especially at the tender age of 2-5 yrs as your child is now developing his/her skills which will remain with them for the rest of their lives . Feeding is the primary event in the life of an infant & young child & is the focus of attention for his/her parents. So, my product range will be featuring winter wear which will have the fruits & vegetables portrayed as cartoons on them in the form of prints , badges , etc. Or another way is to have your kids sketch their favorite fruits & vegetables which ill convert into designs & put them on their garments . Hence your valuable feedback is very necessary for me & my project as it will be become the backbone of this entire concept . The more personal touch you would keep the better outcome ill recieve . Thank you
Child Behaviour
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