Thank you for attending Flower City Comic Con (FC3)! We made a lot of changes this year (more space, more wrestling, more panels). We are constantly looking for feedback (good and bad), so we can keep on doing what you do like and change what you don't like! We want this to be an event for you, so if we're not hitting the mark then we'd like to know! Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to help us get this information!
Flower City Comic Con 2018 Attendee Feedback
Thank you for being an exhibitor at Flower City Comic Con 2018! We hope your time with us was successful! We tried a lot of new things this year, and we want to know how it went for you; what you thought went well and didn't go well, and anything we can do to make things better going forward. If you don't succeed we don't succeed, so we look forward to your feedback!
Flower City Comic Con 2018 Exhibitor Feedback
FC3 2017 Feedback
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Thanks for attending Flower City Comic Con! Please let us know about your experience!
FC3 2017 Feedback
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