The Effect of Divorce on a Teenager's Grades (60 responses)
Hello all, I and a number of other students are conducting a survey for our grade 11 Sociology/Anthropology/Psychology class. Upon doing some research, we discovered that students react to their parent's divorce in a multitude of different ways, such as difficulties making friendships, handling conflicts negatively, and difficulties participating in school. That being said, not every student is affected, some not affected at all. We are asking that all high school students, whether they have been affected by divorce or not, please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey. We are hoping to achieve 60 individual results to analyze and draw conclusions for this research project. If you take this survey but encounter a question that you would rather not answer, do not feel pressured to answer it, or to complete this survey. You will remain completely anonymous! All of your answers are very much appreciated! Thank you, Kaltrina Januzi, Anesa Avdullahu, Lexi Zimmerman, and Kelly Ostrowski
The Effect of Divorce on a Teenager's Grades
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