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Abbey Pumping Station Survey: Adults 18-25
Thank you for participating in this survey. Your feedback is important. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. This research concerns a group of postgraduate students at De Montfort University who are working on a project to improve the display of Abbey Pumping Station Museum to encourage audience 12 to 25 to learn and understand the history and significance of the beam engine sewage system. This survey aims to gather opinions and experiences of people in this age group in order to get a deeper knowledge of how they learn in the environment of a museum. We do not anticipate that taking this survey will contain any risk or inconvenience to you. Furthermore, your participation is strictly voluntary and you may withdraw your participation at any time without penalty. All information collected will be used only for research and will be kept confidential. There will be no connection to you specifically in the results or in future publication of the results.
Abbey Pumping Station Survey: Adults 18-25
Your Perspective as a Women Living in the UK in 2016 (102 responses)
Thank you for taking the time to partake in my study. Your answers will be used for my primary dissertation research, in which I'm exploring various cultural perspectives on body objectification in fashion and what effect this has on the progression of intersectional feminism. I aim to collect views from a diverse range of women living in the UK. Please only answer questions you feel comfortable with/ feel able to answer, it is fine to leave blanks. Your responses are anonymous, so answer as honestly as you can, in as many or as little words as you like. ‘How do women's perspectives on body objectification impact the progression of intersectional Feminism in the UK?’
Your Perspective as a Women Living in the UK in 2016
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Training (15 responses) Enterprise Rent-A-Car Training
Playcentre Research, Crawley (87 responses)
Our Client is considering opening a family run playcentre in Crawley, West Sussex (or close to it). Before they do they wanted us to research the playcentre market on their behalf and we would kindly ask anyone who meets the following criteria to spare us a few minutes to complete this survey:- - You are a parent - You regularly look after children - You live in the South East of England Anyone completing this survey ON OR BEFORE 5 DECEMBER 2016 & leaving their valid email address will be entered in to a prize draw. 2 respondents chosen a random will then win a £5 Amazon voucher each to arrive before Christmas!!
Playcentre Research, Crawley
New Playcentre in/near Crawley with provision for 0-16 years (13 responses)
We are 2 local Mums considering opening a family run playcentre in Crawley, West Sussex (or close to it). As part of our thorough market research we are carrying out a few surveys, some directly and others through an agency for wider reach, all to gauge interest & feedback. We aim to open daily from 7.30/8am - 7pm offering options to suit family interests and circumstances, inc:- - childminding for 0-4 years (One of us is a qualified & experienced 'Outstanding' Childminder) - a term time before/after school club for 4-7 years (supervised) - imaginative play area for 0-7 years, would be ideal for school/nursery/childminder use too (parental responsibility) - age specific activity area for 7-16 years (parental responsibility) - a 'youth club' activity/chill out area for 7-16 (unsupervised) - outdoor space for all This survey is particularly in relation to before/after school childcare & after school/weekend/holiday activities. We would also welcome your opinion on the playcentre (parental responsibility) side of the business here (https://www.allcounted.com/s?did=3oamx91pnmoah, *****(case sensitive) access code is 'play' *****). We would kindly ask anyone who meets the following criteria to spare us a few minutes to complete this survey please:- - You are a parent or you regularly look after children ages 0-16 years - You live in the South East of England The deadline for this survey is Friday 16 December! Thanks in advance for your assistance.
New Playcentre in/near Crawley with provision for 0-16 years
creative magazine target market research (31 responses)
to develop a customer profile for my upcoming creative magazine, i've created this short survey to understand the individuals who will buy my publication. please fill in all questions and answer as honest as possible, thank you for helping xxxx
creative magazine target market research
Concerns for the Elderly (83 responses)
You are being invited to take part in research that will inform a student coursework submission. The student concerned is preparing research to support an MDes design project that will be assessed at Coventry University. The aim of this survey is to gather first hand thoughts and opinions on people's concerns about ageing. This research will then be used to help design a method of transport, with a focus on the elderly, within the next 20 years that addresses current and future issues. This survey is completely anonymous and confidentiality will be kept when publishing the finalised report. This data will be kept and used at Coventry university only.
Concerns for the Elderly
Does androgynous high-fashion influence gender identity? (17 responses)
This questionnaire will be used to identify whether androgynous high-fashion influences gender identity, and if there are any specific age-groups that this fashion staple is affecting. Please be aware that all feedback is anonymous and confidential. This will only be used for the purpose of this report. No other information will be accessed by anyone other than myself, Lauren Turner - University College Birmingham Student in Level 5 Specialist Hair and Media Makeup. Please answer honestly. You have the right to withdraw at any stage of the questionnaire, even once it has been submitted.
Does androgynous high-fashion influence gender identity?
Students' attitude toward online shopping (10 responses)
This survey takes about 3 minutes to complete but you can take as long as you want to complete it. You will be asked to respond to questions about yourself, your online shopping habits and your attitudes toward online shopping. I appreciate your time and effort. Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to give consent to participate.
Students' attitude toward online shopping
High Street Fashion Pulling off Designer Brands (1 responses) High Street Fashion Pulling off Designer Brands
R&C:Bespoke Valentines Day Survey (16 responses)
Hi Guys First of all Thank you for a fantastic start to our new business venture! We are grateful of all the likes, shares and follows! Now we really want you guys to be involved as much as possible during our journey so this is a little quiz to see what your favourite things would be for valentines day! Please answer honestly so we can offer you the best bespoke packages :)
R&C:Bespoke Valentines Day Survey
Leadership Survey (15 responses)
As part of my Merlin Management Programmy course, I need to collect some feedback on my leadership competencies.
Leadership Survey
News, what's right for you? (60 responses)
This survey seeks to find out what sites you use the most for your news and information. The survey also seeks to find out how much you trust your news sources, and what you believe could be done to improve your news gathering experience.
News, what's right for you?
Laura May Makeup (63 responses)
I am a freelance makeup artist, specialising in glam makeup and curly blow dries, based in Bournemouth, UK. I am also a qualified LA Weave technician.
Laura May Makeup
UK BE FIT SURVEY (5 responses)
We will ask you a number of fitness questions to understand the way you train.
What do you think about maths at Brampton Primary School? (18 responses)
Please answer these questions as honestly as possible - tell the truth.
What do you think about maths at Brampton Primary School?
How Sydney Russell's Design Affects You How Sydney Russell's Design Affects You
Lesser Known Identities (273 responses)
As part of our celebration of LGBT+ History Month, we at Keele LGBT+ are interested to find out just how well known the 'lesser known' + identities are. This is a series of questions which aim to anonymously test your awareness of terminology used within the LGBT+ community. We do not claim to have included every + identity and there is an opportunity at the end of the survey for you to add any you think we missed. While this is aimed primarily at university students, anyone can take part and all responses are welcomed.
Lesser Known Identities
The Changing World of Journalism (7 responses)
Dear reader, This survey is for my dissertation, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could spare five minutes to answer the following questions. The goal of this survey and the dissertation on the whole is to understand the growing world of Citizen/Alternative Journalism and it's effects on the printed press. Thank you for your time.
The Changing World of Journalism
Shoe Alchemist- New Business Proposal (176 responses)
Shoe Alchemist is a new retail/service company which intends to offer a differentiated service to customers ranging from professional business sector consumers who have expensive leather work shoes down to the younger/ trendier consumer who own luxury trainers or fashion shoes. The service offering would be a shoe cleaning and maintenance intended to freshen them up for personal satisfaction or re-sell use. The store which would be a modern, trendy, and relaxed environment where they would hand over the shoes to be cleaned by a member of staff using specialist cleaning products and equipment. Customers can either hand over shoes to be collected at a later date or wait around in store for shoes to be cleaned on the same day. The aim would be to make your shoes ‘look brand new again’ alongside offering an experience like other companies do not. Shoe Alchemist would have a range on instore features and also a bar area serving drinks and coffee to keep you entertained, occupied and relaxed while you wait for your shoes. Alongside this Shoe Alchemist will operate an authentication service for your luxury shoes and as part of this we will operate as a reseller platform in order to help you sell your shoes without the hassle and problems typically associated with selling shoes on online platforms such as Ebay. We would take a 15% cut of the price of the sale of your shoes in return for selling them on your behalf.
Shoe Alchemist- New Business Proposal
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