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SOB - Stamp out bullying application (37 responses)
Sob is an app currently in the early stages of development, researching and designing, the idea of the app is to help and support young children on a daily basis to get through the day and encouraging them to seek help and letting them know that there is always someone there they can talk to for help and support. So far the main idea is to send daily notifications asking how the child is feeling with a few options, sad, happy, angry etc., depending on the answers given helpful advice and support will be given so the child knows they are not alone in this and that there is always someone to talk to weather they choose to or not. There is also an automated ‘friend’ to talk to similar to siri (on apple phones) so if the child doesn’t feel confident enough to tell someone they have someone to confide in that is totally confidential. The clever part of this app is that it will record all details like a diary which makes it easier to pin point specific dates when the bullying was at its worse, also it will determine whether the situation is improving or not.
SOB - Stamp out bullying application
Do you characters like Zorro and Robin Hood as superheroes?
These characters built the basis for modern superheroes, but are often not seen as superheroes themselves. For my project I am looking at superheroes in film, and for that I need to look into the origins of superheroes. Characters like Zorro and Robin Hood are the very first superheroes, however I am interested if the requirements to become a superhero have changed over time.
Do you characters like Zorro and Robin Hood as superheroes?
Your point of view on how we can enhance employability for creatives (42 responses)
The aim of this survey is to help me gain better insight and understanding of the experience a creative undertakes to gain employment. Whether this is an easy experience or not and how this could either be enhanced, supported or improved. Whether you are a designer, a student or a creative in your own right I would love to hear from you. Overall your opinions and stories will help me as a designer, design a 'knowledge exchange building' which could act as a stepping stone for employment within the creative industries.
Your point of view on how we can enhance employability for creatives
Foreign players (48 responses) Foreign players
Are University Students Adequately Supported Financially? (32 responses) Are University Students Adequately Supported Financially?
Game Genres (27 responses) Game Genres
Pugs health Pugs health
sandwich heaven (8 responses)
hi all im just setting up this survey as i am about to start up a sandwich bar which entitles every customer to choose a sandwich and decides what goes on to ensure the customers are 100% satisfied with what is produced all filling will be handmade on the day by myself and other staff so the purpose of this survey is to find out what customers would like to see in this business such as what fillings they would like to see and any other opinions on other sandwich bars they have purchased from to make my business much better for the customer as the fresh bag-ette business prtiority is that the customer is happy and confident with the service and products and the customer will always come first.
sandwich heaven
Testing 1 (3 responses) Testing 1
Does an individual's way of life affect their awareness and concern of the environment? (176 responses)
This study is being conducted in order to research into views on current environmental issues and assess whether or not perceptions vary across the demographics of location, education and age. The environmental issues covered in this survey will include recycling, nuclear energy, pollution and renewable energy. Participation in this study is entirely voluntary and all data obtained will be kept confidential and anonymous, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. Any questions, issues or comments on the survey should be directed to the primary investigator at: rw384@kent.ac.uk.
Does an individual's way of life affect their awareness and concern of the environment?
Pursuit of happiness (47 responses)
FEMALES ONLY please :-) We would like to ask you to answer a few short questions surrounding your lifestyle, happiness and fitness levels. Thank you for taking the time to participate.
Pursuit of happiness
baby clothing (1 responses) baby clothing
Single Crewing Survey
Please complete this short survey with no obligations...
Single Crewing Survey
AD/HD Study spaces (89 responses)
This is a survey about how people mainly with AD/HD react to their study spaces. You do not have to currently be in study or have an AD/HD diagnosis to complete the survey. Thank you for participating!
AD/HD Study spaces
Competitive Journalism (2 responses)
Dear reader, This survey is for my dissertation, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could spare five minutes to answer the following questions. The goal of this survey and the dissertation on the whole is to understand the adapting media landscape and how the printed press have and can adapt to compete with alternative news sources. Thank you for your time.
Competitive Journalism
Understanding Handbag Purchases (200 responses)
I am creating my own range of purses, clutches and handbags. I would like to get a better understanding of what ladies' primarily base their handbag purchasing decisions on. I would be so grateful if you could take some time to answer these questions. Please, please be honest! Thats the only way this can be of help to me. Thank you so much. Sarah *For the purpose of this survey, the word 'handbag' in the questions incorporates coin purses, clutches, handbags and beach bags.
Understanding Handbag Purchases
Kabayan Remit Customer Satisfaction Survey (2 responses)
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to better serve you. Please help us by taking a few minutes to tell us about the service you have received so far. We appreciate your business and want to ensure that we meet your expectations.
Kabayan Remit Customer Satisfaction Survey
Tourism Impacts and motivations of Manchester (60 responses)
The questionnaire will help analyse Manchester's tourism impacts and motivations by Finding out why people visit Manchester .This will then be compared to the secondary data collected previously.
Tourism Impacts and motivations of Manchester
Service design / Subject : Leicester station (1 responses)
This survey is to identify problems about the service for users in the Leicester station. By studing service design regarding the Leicester station, this project devises improvements of service. Results from survey will be used in the project . This questionnaire is only for academic purpose.
Service design / Subject : Leicester station
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