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The portrayal of Women in Literature, (American). (27 responses)
For my EPQ as primary research , I would like to gain peoples opinions of how women are portrayed and the effect this may have.
The portrayal of Women in Literature, (American).
Localisation and HSBC (15 responses)
This survey is part of a study into the localisation practices of the HSBC bank in the UK, France and Spain. By continuing you confirm that you are 18 years of age and are a native of the language spoken in those countries. Please be assured of your anonymity and confidentiality and answer all questions as honestly as possible. Thank you for your participation.
Localisation and HSBC
Who speaks Ebonic? (64 responses)
Informed Consent: Who speaks Ebonic? Green4hl@cmich.edu , Oster1rm@cmich.edu , Parit1jr@cmich.edu Project Description: We are doing a research project for our English 201 class and researching issues concerning Ebonics of Black English. Procedure and Risks: I would like to use the information from this survey in my English 201 paper. No personal identifiers will be used to ensure your anonymity. Please feel free to say as much or as little as you want. You can decide not to answer any question or to stop the survey any time you want. There are no known risks associated with participation in the study. Benefits: It is hoped that your insight into the topic of my research will help me in my understanding of this issue and will help me succeed in my English course. Cost Compensation: Participation in this study will involve no costs or payments to you. Confidentiality: All information collected during the study period will be kept strictly confidential and will be destroyed after the project is completed. No publications or reports from this project will include identifying information on any participant without your signed permission, and after your review of the materials. By continuing to the study, you agree to the above conditions. Thank you for your time
Who speaks Ebonic?
Spanish Classes (7 responses)
We are planning to start a Spanish class in our school and would like to know if people would be interested and if yes how many! Please fill out the short survey so we will know if people would be interested! Gracias!
Spanish Classes
Print Advertisement (36 responses)
Please take a few moments to complete this brief survey about advertisement.
Print Advertisement
St. Vincent College of Education STUDENTS’ APPRAISAL OF COURSES AND TEACHING (2018/2019 Academic Year) (114 responses)
CONFIDENTIAL STATEMENT:  The information you provide on this form will be kept strictly confidential. Do NOT write your name or registration number on the form. By honestly and candidly completing this form, you would be providing this College with valuable feedback for the improvement on the quality of education.
St. Vincent College of Education STUDENTS’ APPRAISAL OF COURSES AND TEACHING (2018/2019 Academic Year)
PROJEK TAHUN AKHIR (23 responses)
Creativity in Secondary Education (48 responses)
Informed Consent:  Methods of Nurtuing Creativity in Secondary Education Alexandra Gamicchia gamic1ae@cmich.edu, Urenwa Osuamadi urenwa101@gmail.com, Jeff Strome jeffstrome1@gmail.com Project Description : In this research, we hope to examine the way in which teachers are nurturing creativity and if they are fostering creativity in secondary education (high school).  Existing research on the methods teachers have implemented to aid students in discovering their creative...
Creativity in Secondary Education
Sicilian language and culture (8 responses)
We at Learn Sicilian have created this survey to gather statistical information in the efforts to understand people's interest in the Sicilian language and culture. Due to the strong dominance of the Italian language in Sicily, the Sicilian language itself is slowly disappearing. Sicilian has been classified as an endangered and vulnerable language by UNESCO and its number of speakers around the world is declining. Statistics and information from this survey will be used in efforts to help keep the Sicilian language alive. This is vital in order to preserve it's heritage, culture and traditions that have spanned for over 3000 years. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Learn Sicilian
Sicilian language and culture
Opinion Poll - Best performing BECE deaf schools in Ghana (43 responses)
Academic competition interest among schools for the deaf in Ghana is very low due to lack of interest. Since the inception of Deaf Education in Ghana, Schools for the Deaf has been writing the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) without any statistical data on the best preforming schools being released by the West Africa Examination Council. Consequently, as to which Schools(s) for the Deaf are the best in Ghana still remains unknown. The purpose of this short survey is to find out deaf persons and the general public perception of the best schools for the deaf in Ghana. After this survey, permission will be sought from he West Africa Examination Council to provide statistical data or to create a special deaf schools league table for the 13 schools for the deaf in Ghana so that teachers , students and the general public can know which deaf schools are performing best in the BECE. This league table for deaf schools is necessary because placing them on the same league table with hearing schools does not provide a fair assessment of their performance reflected on the league table and doesn't create academic interest and enthusiasm among teachers and students in schools for the deaf. The survey takes 1-2 minutes to complete Please select the best school(s) or as many schools as you wish. Thank You!
Opinion Poll - Best performing BECE deaf schools in Ghana
Daily Survey #2 (2 responses)
This survey is shorter and more about other things.
Daily Survey #2
CMU ENG 201H Survey - Apo & Gillett (112 responses)
Informed Consent: ENG 201H Project Greyson Gillett - gille1gr@cmich.edu John Apo - apo1j@cmich.edu Procedure and Risks: We would like to use the information from this survey in our English 201 paper.  No personal identifiers will be used to ensure your anonymity. Please feel free to say as much or as little as you want.  You can decide to stop the survey anytime you want.  There are no known risks associated with participation in the study. Benefits: ...
CMU ENG 201H Survey - Apo & Gillett
IoT Questionaire
Hello and thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us out. Below you'll find a brief survey about IoT (Internet of Things). We'd love to hear what you know and think about it. The survey should only take a few minutes, it's completely anonymous and will provide us with valuable information to offer a better product to our clients.
IoT Questionaire
Your Experiences/Views on your School Years and your Views on potential changes in Education. (65 responses)
Please could you take a few minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire for my dissertation which is on the subject of education in schools. Contributors will remain completely anonymous. Thank you very much for your help.
Your Experiences/Views on your School Years and your Views on potential changes in Education.
Kupahu Reunion Attendance 2019 (79 responses)
Aloha ka 'ohana Kupahu! As we approrach our 40th anniversary of Kupahu Reuion, we (the 5th generation of Leeward & Windward) would like to get a rough count on the attendance of ohana that will be joining us this year. To help us do that, please take a few moments to answer the survey as the results will assist us on food, activities, housing, games, and much more.  Reminder that reunion will be August 16-18, 2019 & we look forward to seeing all your lovely faces again for a f...
Kupahu Reunion Attendance 2019
2017 Fulfilling Relationship Retreat Survey (18 responses)
Windsor Lindor and Jennifer Filzen have co-created the Fulfilling Relationship Service where women and men can co-create in harmony and develop a new path of full creative expression (http://www.windsorlindor.com/fulfillingrelationship.html). This service also provides retreats that pave the way for new experiences and new ways that lead people to choose the pathway to co-commitment, conscious living and a life that binds Love and fulfillment. Please take a minute to fill out the following survey so we can better meet your needs for the 2017 Fulfilling Relationship ’s Retreat. Please complete the survey before January 1, 2017 and receive 5% off of your next retreat.
2017 Fulfilling Relationship Retreat Survey
Kalam Excellence Award
Suggest your best person...
Kalam Excellence Award
K.I.T. (Krankenkats Ideology Tester) (1 responses)
Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? Only a very few come from our own minds; creativity, imagination, research and ideas spurred on from other ideas can help us develop orginal ideas. The world today - whether good or bad - exists today because of a thought that originated inside someones head.  Only a small percentage of people have original ideas, the bulk of us are programmed like computers. School kids are overburdened with cramming information into their heads while...
K.I.T. (Krankenkats Ideology Tester)
Details of the surveyed schools, tirupathi
Decas Cranberries (92 responses)
This survey is for a group project! Kelsey Ribeiro Taylor Hill Michael Connaire Kayla Borges
Decas Cranberries
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